We go the extra mile to use the best equipment we can possibly afford. From our Gunners Up wingers to our Dogtra collars we believe in our equipment. Check out our product reviews for more info.

Dogtra E-collars
They truly are “the worlds finest e-collars”! Dogtra collars are easy to use, consistent in their performance, ruggedly built, and did I mention easy to use? With 127 levels of continuous and momentary stimulation they can handle any dog from the softest of the soft to the most stubborn around.

Dirty Foot Dog Products
These guys make incredible training aids, custom gear of all kinds and know what dog trainers need.

Neumann & Bennetts
The absolute best bumper on the market.  The plastic doesn’t get hard in the cold, doesn’t flatten with the heat, and lasts for years.  Pay a little more now but you’ll only buy bumpers once if you get em from Neumann & Bennetts!

I believe this is the best stuff on the market for waterfowl.  It is warm, dry and of first class quality.  I personally wear everything they make from their MST waders to their Mudder boots, to their EST rain suits, MST pullovers, and LST bibs and parka.  There is nothing else that holds a candle to their waterfowl clothing…that is why we choose Drake!

Absolutely the best box/trailer on the market.  Their insulation is top notch and their boxes are typically cooler than the outside air WITHOUT an exhaust fan!  We use their boxes year-round here down south so we know all about the heat but Ainley has got it right.  Want a good dog box??  Buy it an Ainley.